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Philip Mezey Joins Energy Panel at Carnegie Mellon


"We live in a time of incredible opportunity for change,” Philip Mezey, Itron’s president and CEO, said during a panel on April 4 at Carnegie Mellon University’s Energy Week. Mezey joined five other industry leaders for a panel titled, Public Private Partnerships: Activating City, Utility and University Engagement to Maximize Smart Data.

The panel explored strategies to help cities embrace smart city solutions through collaborative partnerships and data sharing solutions. The conversation rested on the understanding that synergy between universities, private companies and public entities is necessary to build smart infrastructure.

Itron’s work with the non-profit Urbanova in Spokane was lauded during the panel by David Owens, retired executive vice president of the Edison Electric Institute. Owens highlighted how Spokane focuses on key objectives to drive collaboration between public and private partners.

Mezey emphasized that cities like San Diego and Pittsburgh are excellent models of collaboration. Both cities encourage numerous stakeholders to share resources, drive effective data and update infrastructure. Noting the palpable progress of these partnerships, Mezey encouraged industry leaders to continue pursuing similar partnerships. 

In closing the panel, Mezey said, “When we come together to build more sustainable, livable and successful cities, it will knock down the barriers that stand in the way of collaboration."

Watch a full recording of the panel here.