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Itron Set to Showcase Smart City Technologies at CES, Las Vegas

For the first time, Itron’s technology can be found in one of the exhibit halls at the biggest consumer electronics show, CES. With its focus on smart cities, CES is the perfect platform to showcase the future of smart city innovation, which will enhance and improve the economy, safety and the daily lives of citizens. A smart city strategy can only be successful if its built on a solid, future-ready technology platform like Itron’s OpenWay® Riva solution.


Itron’s booth features demos developed by Itron Idea Labs, a small entrepreneurial team within Itron that is dedicated to accelerating ideas into commercial products in conjunction with companies in the Itron® Riva partner ecosystem. Each of the Smart City projects were created using Itron Riva developer kits to demonstrate the possibilities for a future smart city infrastructure that is active, aware and transparent to citizens.


At CES, Itron’s connected home demonstration will feature a table-top display of a doll house atop a shake table and outfitted with an earthquake sensor featuring Itron Riva edge intelligence. The booth will also feature a connected indoor methane detector. Visitors to the booth will observe a simulated earthquake, which triggers automated safety measures such as an automatic gas valve shut off and an alert system to warn residents.  


Other demos include an electric vehicle charging station, Idea Labs’ solar energy management gateway and smart energy storage, all networked together in a cohesive ecosystem using Itron Riva. The booth will also feature a street setting to display smart streetlights, air quality sensors and sewer overflow detectors.


Itron’s OpenWay® Riva IoT solution unites utilities and smart city technology together to create a multiservice network for cities and utilities to partner to improve services for citizens, create new economic opportunities and ensure the resourceful use of energy and water. Itron is proud to demonstrate and support energy-saving, smart technologies that will enhance the safety and convenience for citizens in connected cities. Built on the Itron Riva network, these technologies demonstrate how a modern, urban infrastructure can leverage our technology to provide interoperability across key services provided.


To learn more about the connected city, visit us at CES in booth 1419 in the Westgate Hotel, Jan. 9-12. For more information about Itron Idea Labs and Itron Development Kits, visit our website