Cellular data collection solution for dedicated, large-consumer C&I applications. Select a part of the solution diagram to learn more.

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The Right Data at the Right Time

WaterMind accurately monitors meter index, enabling reliable bidirectional flow-rate analysis. This allows dynamic detection of wrongly sized meters, giving you insights into how and where to make improvements to your operations.

As a variant, WaterMind enables high accuracy pressure monitoring and transients detection through high frequency sampling of up to two built-in pressure transducers.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

WaterMind data management software is provided as a service. A pay-per point fee minimizes total cost of ownership considering the limited number of large meters to be connected. Data analysis is available via a web browser from any PC workstation. Additionally, integration with utility software is easy and flexible.

Robust, Reliable and Easy to Use

WaterMind is designed for an easy and safe manipulation, including rugged housing and fast-couplings and is suitable for installation in flooded pits.