Cellular data collection solution for dedicated, large-consumer C&I applications. Select a part of the solution diagram to learn more.

The Right Data at the Right Time

WaterMind does not transfer millions of bits of raw data each day to the back-office of the utility. Instead, it was designed to operate intelligently at the metering point and processes data as early as possible. The WaterMind Analyzer permanently inspects water meters, comparing real-time water consumption with actual meter performance and flow range characteristics. This allows dynamic detection of meters that are not correctly selected or sized, giving you insights into how and where to make improvements to your operations.

Big Consumers, Big Potential for Savings

Better water management begins with knowing how much of your produced supply is being used—and who is using it. Itron offers an advanced yet simple way to obtain the data that helps you protect your revenue and manage water more intelligently.

Equipped with better data, you can work with your large consumers to encourage conservation, develop programs and educate them to be wiser about their use.

Built on Itron’s WaterMind architecture and leveraging advanced metering data collected at the end point, our cellular supervision system provides innovative functions to monitor meter performance and water consumption using—all in a simple to deploy, use and maintain cellular network.

Learn how Evides used this system to take care of their key accounts in real time, or contact Itron to learn more about our cellular supervision systems for large water customers.

Supervise the System

WaterMind Supervision software is both a system management and a data interpretation tool for utility operators.

By using a central database and client versions of WaterMind Supervision software, operators in different branches and departments of your water group can immediately share the latest water usage information with differentiated access rights. A powerful graphical user interface and innovative functions allow supervision of large consumers in many different ways to help you make the most of your water resources and run your distribution system as efficiently as possible.

Right-Sized, Better Managed

NWSC in Uganda leverages WaterMind to right-size and replace meters, and then more accurately measure use.
At National Water Sewerage Company (NWSC) of Uganda, 150,000 metered accounts, serving about 2 million people, were analyzed across five large key accounts. By deploying Itron's WaterMind solution and a variety of correctly-sized meters, NWSC has been able to reduce apparent losses by 24 percent while increasing revenue from those key accounts due to better measurement and data collection.
Justino Brunelli, Assistant Commercial Manager at Aguas de Guariroba, Brazil

Brilliant in Brazil

Aguas de Guariroba, an Itron customer in Brazil, has been able to save company revenue thanks to the benefits of WaterMind.

"Itron's WaterMind is an exceptional tool for monitoring our key accounts' water consumption. With it, we are able to quickly diagnose abnormalities that affect company revenue."
— Justino Brunelli, Assistant Commercial Manager at Aguas de Guariroba, Brazil.