Perfectly Pressurized

Water pressure varies uniquely across each part of your distribution networks, constantly shifting with changing patterns of demand and outside events. Smart pressure management technologies from Itron accurately control pressure across your water networks and give you better control and insights than ever before.

Itron's Smart Pressure Management solution overcomes challenges with technology enabled to automatically and continuously optimise pressure across the network, based on the current demand patterns and operating characteristics of that area of the network. This smart pressure management solutio delivers these capabilities as part of an intelligent, network-wide technology platform that is easy to install and operate.

The architecture of the Itron Smart Pressure Management solution is built around a new set of enterprise-class, software-based services, combined with highly-intelligent loggers and controllers in the network to monitor performance and control assets such as pressure reducing valves (PRVs) and pumps.

i20 Smart Water Pressure

i20 Smart Water Pressure

Putting it All Together

From individual loggers to pressure release valves and controllers, Itron has the technology you need to optimize pressure across the network.

Better Together

By collaborating with i2O, we're enabling utilities to more effectively and efficiently manage resources. i2O provides smart water network solutions to respond to increasing and urbanizing populations, extreme weather events, an aging infrastructure and workforce, more demanding customers and a lack of appetite for increasing bills.