Listen for Leaks

More than a third of water pumped through the distribution system is lost to leaks—water that’s already been treated and is potential revenue for your organization. But with leak detection technology from Itron, combined with our powerful analytics, you can better manage your most precious resource—and protect your revenue. We'll take the guesswork out of locating potential leaks.

As service territory expands and the costs of acquiring, treating and distributing water rise, water loss represents an increasingly important factor in budgeting and conservation decisions. Water efficiency is critical to your success today and tomorrow.

The amount of water lost from leaky pipes or recovered with leak detection technology can impact the timing of infrastructure expansion projects by years. An affordable, reliable leak detection program from Itron will have an immediate impact on conservation programs, revenue and profitability projections, and overall operational efficiency.

5 Billion Gallons Saved

Clayton County, in Georgia, is saving millions of gallons annually and becoming more operationally efficient.

Go Beneath the Surface

Instead of waiting for leaks to surface—sometimes with catastrophic consequences—Itron leak detection technology lets you proactively manage non-revenue water and avert costly pipe failures just like Providence Water did.

Once deployed, you can use leak detection technology to remotely organize, interpret and optimize demand-side and supply-side leak data in close intervals.

Your field personnel can then create action plans that address existing and emergent leaks as part of a comprehensive detection and repair program, effectively integrating the system into daily operations. In effect, a utility will start to see conservation and cost benefits with the first leak repaired.

Providence Water in Rhode Island leveraged Itron technology to find and fix leaks, and to improve customer service.

Water Everywhere

But not a drop to spare. Learn about water efficiency, leak detection and AMI solutions from Itron.

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Detecting Leaks in Days

North Miami Beach deployed 38,000 smart communication modules and 11,000 acoustic leak sensors as a part of its Itron solution—and is already collecting real-time data on usage and potential leaks. Now, Instead of potentially taking more than a year to identify leaks, the city now knows within three days when a leak occurs.

Itron Leak Sensor

Itron’s water AMI solution enables North Miami Beach to enhance customer service, protect revenue, forecast consumption, analyze flow and support district metering by leveraging detailed consumption and meter alerts collected by Itron Analytics.

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