Fast + Efficient Data Collection
Optimise your operations with fast drive-by technology.

Temetra: Fast Drive-By

Whether in mobile drive- or walk-by mode, deploy a quick, reliable and accurate advanced data collection solution—and capture insights from across your distribution network.

Secure. Flexible. Efficient.

Itron offers an advanced mobile data collection and management solution, giving you a real opportunity to optimise your water operations and develop new customer services. New functionalities based on geolocation and cloud technology make this solution a genuine innovation accessible to every water company.

Itron's fast drive-by mobile data system provides collection and processing of advanced data—allowing you to capture both to the mode of reading and the communication performance alongside different consumption alarms (such as leakage warnings). This data, which is available through an online, cloud-based interface after a meter is read, allow the rapid initiation of investigations with customers.

With this solution, you benefit from:

  • Fast vehicle-based meter reading (drive-by mode)
  • Meter reading by an operator on foot (walk-by mode)
  • Geolocation detail, provided by GPS
  • Data storage, management and access via the cloud
  • Real-time meter reading
  • Local photography capability
  • ISO 27001 security standards
  • Multi-platform support

The Power of Android

Smartphone or tablet? You can choose with Temetra—the mobile data collection application is compatible with all Android-based mobile devices (version 4.4 or higher), giving you the ultimate flexibility in equipping your field workforce with the right technology to get the job done.  And by combing GPS data with the meter reading process, the application can be used in the efficient drive-by mode, which speeds up the collecting process for even greater efficiency.

Know Where—Not Nowhere

Sending your meter reading workforce to the right location to get the reads you need used to be a challenge. But with Itron technology, GPS data is captured for each meter in the system so you know exactly where to send your workers to get the data you need to run your business. They can also take a picture of the meter at that location and save it in the system.