Wireless fixed network data collection solution for gas and water. By collecting and utilizing detailed gas, water and heat data, you can better analyze your operations to become more efficient than ever—and deliver more value to your customers.

Collect. Utilize. Deliver.

With EverBlu fixed network solutions from Itron, you can be more efficient than ever before, deliver more value to your customers, and make the most of your water and natural gas resources.
Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) opens the door to a variety of applications that traditional automated meter reading (AMR) solutions could never dream of: conservation, customer relationship management, distribution asset optimization and demand-side management—just to name a few.

Itron's gas and water AMI solutions, built upon our EverBlu architecture, give you much more than AMR. These solutions use a wireless communication system that is ideally suited to all kinds of urban, suburban and rural environments, and can be used for multi-energy applications involving water, gas and heat metering.

Customers all over the world are already seeing the benefits of AMI. Contact us to see the outcomes you can achieve with Itron fixed network data collection technology for gas, water and heat.

EverBlu in Action

Learn how Kalgoorlie in Australia has reduced consumption by over 10% and recovered the cost of its solution in two short years.
Wise water consumption through actionable data

The City of Kalgoorlie is deploying the largest wireless fixed-network water metering solution in Australia.


Kalgoorlie is completely reliant on the state capital of Perth for its fresh water supply, which is delivered via a water pipeline nearly 600 kilometers long. For the largest urban center in the Goldfields-Esperance region, water scarcity is an everyday reality. The Water Corporation of Western Australia is installing 13,500 Itron water meters, network infrastructure and associated software as part of its project to manage the city's resources more effectively and provide greater control over water wastage. The project will be the largest wireless fixed network water metering solution deployment in Australia to date, making it a true reference point for the value of smart metering systems in the water-scarce region. The City of Kalgoorlie estimates to recover the cost of this sytem within two years.

Flexible Migration

With 50% market share, Itron has been deploying RF in France for over 10 years. And our flexible solutions let you migrate from mobile to fixed network technology when your business is ready.

Better Management of the Distribution Network

During peak tourist season, El Vendrell in Spain sees its water consumption spike—typically up to three times the consumption during off-peak seasons. Local provider Aqualia turned to Itron's EverBlu solution to efficiently manage the water supply and keep up with this increased demand. And with a wireless fixed network in place, Aqualia has also been able to keep vehicles off the road and has estimated that it may reduce its carbon footprint by 240 tons per year.

Minimize Leaks and Costs

Thanks to EverBlu, you can proactively detect system leaks, prevent non-revenue water loss and save both your utility and your customers money.

Get your best business outcomes with accurate, detailed data from EverBlu and make the most of your water resources.

No Guesswork

From urban to suburban to rural environments, EverBlu doesn't guess—it provides accurate billing data based on actual consumption. And with wireless fixed networking technology, it's extremely efficient.