Efficient Data Collection

Innovative radio frequency based system for allocation of heat and water consumption.

EquaScan Walk-By

EquaScan enables heat cost and water metering data to be collected efficiently, quickly and securely—even in environments with a high density of meters.

Fast Readings, Guaranteed

For administrators of multi-tenet buildings and billing services companies, efficiently collecting reliable, accurate and secure consumption data for energy and water used to be a challenge. But with an EquaScan walk-by solution from Itron, you can be more efficient and effective than ever before. EquaScan uses bi-directional radio frequency (RF) communications alongside collision management technology to guarantee the fastest reading of water and heat meters, modules and other devices, such as electronic heat cost allocators.

No Entry? No Problem

Scheduling appointments to read meters is a thing of the past. With the innovative EquaScan walk-by system, you can collect data from outside a premise, easily, accurately and quickly—all year long, from a long reading distance away and in a secure manner thanks to RF encryption. Your customers can expect bills based on their actual consumption.

Walk-By = Efficiency

Be more efficient than ever thanks to the intuitive installation of electronic heat cost allocators and easy implementation of the radio system. And with bi-directional communication, data reading happens in the shortest amount of time possible.

Download the EquaScan Walk-By Brochure