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Itron Total Outcomes - Analytics

Itron Analytics are provided via a highly secure, scalable cloud-based platform that provides business outcomes that address utility challenges—district metering, cathodic protection, theft—in an outcomes as a service model to lower costs and improve results on an accelerated timeframe.
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Better Results from the Cloud

Itron Analytics are provided via a highly secure, scalable cloud-based platform that provides business outcomes that address utility challenges—revenue protection, system integrity, safety, customer service—in an outcomes as a service model to reduce costs and improve results on an accelerated time frame. Make the most of your data with analytics from Itron.
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Dangers Associated with Energy Theft: Itron Revenue Assurance

Meter tampering leads to financial impacts for utilities and ratepayers, creates potential fire hazards, risks of injury or death to utility employees and the public, and can compromise the distribution system. Itron Revenue Assurance allows utilities to alleviate safety concerns and enhance revenue utilizing analysis and investigation tools such as complex algorithms, data filters and pattern detection to identify meter tampering and service bypass conditions.

Delivering and Optimizing Outcomes through Global Managed Services

Itron’s Global Managed Services team provides the people, tools and processes to deploy Itron solutions for use by our customers so they can innovate and focus on their operations. A fully supported managed services (software-as-a-service or cloud-based) model allows resources to focus on the critical issues that drive business while keeping technology solutions current, and optimizing and efficiently maintaining performance. Through our collaboration with Microsoft Azure, we are able to define and deliver value-driven outcomes for our customers.

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Less Waste, More Energy

Energy theft costs utilities and consumers nearly $100 billion per year worldwide. Timely and accurate detection of energy theft makes the network safer for everybody while recovery of lost revenues flow straight to a utility’s bottom line. With Itron Analytics, we’ll even generate the field investigation work order for you.

Traditionally, utilities have discovered energy theft only after a customer’s usage drastically decreases, a chance sighting of illegal activity or when field personnel notice signs of tampering at the meter. With the Itron Analytics we can see specific events of interest including tilt and magnetic tamers, usage-on-inactive and no-usage-on-active conditions. Analytics then ranks the suspected accounts in order of greatest severity, taking into account frequency of occurrence and actual consumption patterns at a suspicious account’s location.