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Short Term
5 minutes-10 days
Itron is the Industry Leader
Accurate and timely short-term forecasts provide critical decision support for operators in today's energy markets. Itron software and forecasting methods are used by the vast majority of large system operators in North America, Australia and other locations around the globe. Itron has established this market leadership position by delivering:

  • A proven statistical engine with a user base of more than 200 companies
  • Unparalleled forecast accuracy
  • Scalable and reliable systems
  • Support for both Oracle and SQL Server databases
  • Advanced forecasting methods, including machine learning
  • Archiving and "backcasting" support to track model performance
  • Support for all data frequencies, from daily down to five-minute data
  • Flexibility to model energy, solar, wind, demand response, energy prices and other variables
  • Advanced modeling processes
    • Ensemble forecasts
    • Multiple weather providers
    • Uncertainty modeling
    • Built-in error correction


financial Sales Forecasts
Revenue Forecasts
Variance Analysis

Medium Term
1-3 years
Whatever your situation, Itron can help strengthen and improve the forecasting process. For over three decades, Itron has been building and refining methods that we believe to be industry best practices. We appreciate the opportunity to share this knowledge with our utility customers.

  • Consulting Services
    Itron staff have a deep understanding of forecast processes, with experience dating back to the 70s. We have worked with hundreds of utilities to help with their most difficult problems.

  • Itron Methods and Best Practices
    Itron has a proven set of best practices which we have developed over three decades and monitor continuously through annual benchmarking surveys.

  • Using AMI Data
    Join the Itron network of utilities who want to leverage their AMI investment to improve financial operations and provide clarity and visibility to the future.


planning Energy Forecasting
Peak Forecasting
Hourly Load Forecasting

Long Term
5-20 years
Itron has unmatched experience and expertise in long-term energy forecasting, using both statistical and end-use models. We provide data products and services to help the industry understand what has changed at the end-use level and how it will change into the future. Our forecasting customers also benefit from:

  • Energy Forecasting Group (EFG)
    This subscription service provides members with a valuable stream of regional end-use data. Both history and forecasts are provided. EFG members represent well over 50% of energy delivered in North America. And the group's annual conference is a great opportunity to keep up to date with forecasting peers.

  • SAE Models
    The statistically adjusted end-use (SAE) approach was pioneered by Itron to combine the strengths of statistical modeling with the information content of end-use analysis. The approach builds on the data available through the EFG. The result is a statistical model that is calibrated to local data and that explicitly accounts for important changes in lighting, heating, cooling and other end uses, as well as new technologies such as rooftop solar and electric vehicles.

Forecasting Software

Forecast Software
  • Automated Short-term Forecasting
  • Financial Forecasting & Planning
  • Long-term Hourly Forecasting
  • Load Research
  • Statistical Modeling

Itron forecasting software products are built specifically for the energy industry. These products are proven and widely used to implement best-practices in short-term, medium-term and long-term forecasting. We have a broad portfolio of forecasting software products.

  • Automated Forecasting System (MetrixIDR)
    This tool sets the standard for short-term forecast accuracy, reliability, scalability and flexibility. It is the primary forecasting system used by the world's largest system operators and serves as the back-office engine for Itron Forecasting Services.

  • Statistical Modeling (MetrixND)
    This powerful statistical package, with a 20-year track record of performance and success, is built specifically to solve energy forecasting challenges associated with statistical modeling.

  • Load Shape Modeling (MetrixLT)
    This Windows application provides a powerful toolkit for building bottoms-up load shape forecasts and forecasting peak demand, while making hourly load shape data easy to visualize, analyze and calibrate.

  • Financial Time Series Database (Forecast Manager)
    Use this time-series database in SQL Server or Oracle to streamline, centralize and simplify forecasting processes. Building on this foundation with the modeling capabilities of MetrixND provides a robust forecasting solution.

  • Load Research System (LRS)
    Load Research and AMI data are key inputs to robust forecasting processes. LRS supports all accepted sample design and expansion methods, providing you with valuable insight into how your customers use energy.

Consulting Services

  • Forecast Process Review
  • Forecast Process Update
  • Rate Case Testimony
  • Support and Training
  • Staff Supplementation
  • Forecast Outsourcing
  • Subscription Services
Our software solutions are backed by a team of team of industry experts with deep experience. Make Itron one your strategic partners to meet your energy forecasting needs.

  • Forecast Process Review
    Itron reviews forecasting process, models and results. Compares to industry standards, and provides recommendations for improvement.

  • Forecast Process Update
    Itron Implements or supports implementation of recommended process improvements.

  • Rate Case Support
    Itron provides written and/or live testimony to regulatory authorities in support of forecasts and forecast processes.

  • Support and Training
    Itron provides web-based or on-site training on forecast methods, analysis methods and software usage.

  • Staff Supplementation
    Itron provides knowledgeable and experienced energy forecasters to augment internal capabilities or fill in gaps.

  • Forecast Outsourcing
    Itron provides expert services to perform all aspects of the forecasting process, providing resource flexibility.

  • Subscription Services
    Itron delivers subscription-based services, such as Energy Forecasting Group (EFG), which provides access to a library of regional end-use data and SAE Models, which provides statistically adjusted end-use models and analysis.

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Forecast as a Service

The full capabilities of the Itron Demand Forecasting System are also available in a cloud-based solution running on Microsoft® Azure. With this approach, Itron is responsible for system and model maintenance and monitoring. All you need to do is provide updated energy data, and Forecast as a Service delivers updated forecasts. You get the power and accuracy of the Itron system without incurring the upfront cost of acquiring hardware and software, or incurring the on-going cost of operating and maintaining the system.
Proven Forecast Platform
  • Used by most TSOs in North America
  • Widely used, proven statistical engine
  • Large user base (200+ current clients)
  • Packed with customer driven features
  • Advanced modeling processes
    • Neural networks and machine learning
    • Ensemble forecasts
    • Multiple weather providers
    • Uncertainty modeling
    • Built in error correction

Experienced Modeling Staff
  • Deep knowledge of energy modeling
  • Industry leaders in forecast methods
    • Five-minute load modeling
    • Solar, wind, demand response
    • Behind-the-meter generation
  • Wide range of satisfied clients
    • Electricity and gas
    • Solutions for ISO/TSO/utility/muni/co-op
    • Energy retailers

Microsoft Azure Foundation
  • Cloud infrastructure delivers the scalability, security and agility required for the Forecast as a Service.
    • Worldwide network of Microsoft-managed data centers
    • Durable, highly available and massively scalable cloud services
    • Industry-leading compliance certifications
  • Monitored and maintained by Itron

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