Forecasting Solutions to Deliver Your Business Outcomes

Itron's energy forecasting tools utilize a variety of advanced techniques to turn data into powerful short- and long-term forecasting models. Our software is built on an open-architecture platform that easily integrates with your existing systems, or can be delivered via the cloud using a managed services model where Itron delivers the forecasting outcomes you need.

The Global Leader in Energy Forecasting

Itron software and expertise are used to accurately forecast nearly 90 percent of total electricity demand in North America alone.

Whether five minutes ahead or 20 years ahead, we provide electricity and gas forecasting solutions to market operators and energy providers around the world.

Accurate load forecasting is a critical need for daily operations, sound market/system planning and risk management. Utilities, system operators and energy providers worldwide depend on Itron for guidance and accuracy. Today's changing business needs, the deregulation of energy markets, along with the proliferation of distributed generation, bring new business challenges to energy providers. Itron forecasting software, services and expertise help energy providers navigate through this changing landscape with industry-leading short- and long-term energy forecasting tools.

Fine Tune Your Forecasts

Sharing knowledge and collaborating is key to success. Itron's Energy Forecasting team has decades of experience with, and insights from, end-use data—insights that we make available to members of our Energy Forecasting Group (EFG).

Let us help you capture the impacts of new appliances, equipment, and incorporate standards and efficiency trends. The data and support services provided to EFG members enable you to develop end-use forecasts even if you don't conduct your own saturation surveys. To learn more about our forecasting technologies, or to become an EFG member, visit the Itron Forecasting Blog.

EFG data, models, and support services provide members with a means to develop forecast models that capture the impact of changing end-use ownership and efficiency trends on energy and demand. With a resurgence of Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) filings, longer-term financial forecasts, rate cases, demand-side planning (DSM) programs, and the growth of PV and EV markets, it is more critical than ever to capture end-use technology and structural changes as well as economic conditions in your forecast. Through the EFG, Itron can provide you with the necessary tools.

Making Renewables Work

Weather has always been the key driver in accurate forecasting, based on when people heat and cool their homes or businesses. Now weather is taking on even greater importance in energy forecasting, by now being incorporated when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, and when it is not.

System operators around the world are experiencing new forecasting challenges due to an increase in load volatility driven by the penetration of renewable resources, such as rooftop solar. This trend adversely impacts the accuracy of the load forecasts used to operate the grid. To avoid a greater reliance on costly spinning reserves to cover the increased forecast uncertainty, operators need dynamic and accurate forecasting solutions that account for this added volatility. Recently, Itron developed a highly innovative integrated forecasting framework for the Australian and North American Transmission System Operators (TSO) that incorporates the impact of rooftop solar into real-time load forecasts. The result is improved forecast accuracy and a reduction in fossil-based spinning reserves. This is just one of the ways that Itron is helping to successfully manage a grid that is increasingly challenged by greater penetration of solar and other forms of distributed energy resources.