A Unified Approach

Traditionally utilities have deployed single-purpose communication networks for metering, distribution automation and distributed assets. As smart devices continue to proliferate throughout the grid, utilities must demand a different approach. Smart grid devices can serve multiple functions across the utility, requiring a common platform to enable a variety of grid management use cases.
Itron’s Grid Management solution is a multi-application communications platform for managing the ever increasing complexity of the smart grid. Breakthrough distributed intelligence capabilities and peer-to-peer communication enable you to coordinate a vast range of intelligent devices with the ultra-low latency required for the most demanding use cases at the grid edge.

Our unified solution enables you to take a modular approach to your grid modernization initiative. Start with your top priority use cases to deliver immediate business value. Then layer on new devices and applications as your operational needs evolve. You can connect all of these systems seamlessly to your existing smart grid assets, streamlining your back office systems, reducing management overhead, and accelerating deployment times. And with full backward-forward compatibility, you can trust that your investment will deliver value for decades to come, creating a flexible foundation for your digital transformation.

5 Communication Network Trends Driven by the Grid Transformation

Utilities and their business models are evolving in response to pressures such as integrating more renewables, restoring service faster after weather events, or satisfying the growing customer expectation. As a result, the physical assets of the energy industry continue to become increasingly information-connected to enable automation, microgrids, renewable energy, smarter grids, and smarter cities, in an environment of increased cybersecurity threats.

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Optimize Grid Operations

Integrate high fidelity data from meters and line sensors to reduce losses, balance load, and manage voltage from the substation down to the customer.

Accelerate Storm Response

Combine automation devices with real-time analysis of last gasp and restoration alerts, fault and current data to immediately detect faults and reroute power around affected areas.

Ease Renewables Integration

Leverage complex power flow and load data to improve situational awareness while utilizing intelligent edge devices to seamlessly balance 2-way power flows from distributed systems.

Results Delivered


Improving Reliability
and Efficiency

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Create a Greener &
More Efficient City

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Streamline DER

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Tap into an Open Ecosystem of Solutions

Because no single provider can deliver a comprehensive smart grid solution, our platform leverages widely-adopted industry standards to maximize flexibility and choice. This open approach enables you to address a variety of operational challenges with best-of-breed solutions from a thriving ecosystem of partners.

Partner with a Market Leader in Utility Communication Networks

If you're a grid management solution provider interested in integrating smart devices with Itron’s network, we can provide you access to an engaged customer base and the tools you need to accelerate time-to-market. Our Grid Management integration guide will explain the basics of our network technology as it’s used by leading utilities and cities worldwide. It will tell you how to get started evaluating the integration process on your own, and when to reach out to Itron for assistance.

Technology Partner Spotlight

Sentient Energy is a market leader for Intelligent Sensing Control Analytics Networks. Sentient has integrated Itron’s high-performance mesh network to transmit advanced analytics and data from and to the field.

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