The City of London would like to find new ways of further improving River Safety through technology. Entries of persons falling into the river are highly dangerous and are often deadly. The City of London provides safety equipment along the walkways along the River Thames, but theft and misuse of these devices are common. With 124 entries into the river within the City of London alone, and 26 deaths (recorded in 2014) for the River Thames as a whole, it is vital that we find new ways to improve safety through effective technology.

The City of London is seeking solutions that ensure the availability of emergency safety equipment when it is needed while accelerating response times.

Why It Matters For Key Stakeholders

Safety — People are safe and feel safe
  • Improve safety and help protect residents and visitors in conjunction with the Coastguard.

Emergency Services & Coast Guard
  • Accelerate response times via automated tracking and alerts

Asset management
  • Ensure the availability of safety equipment when it is needed
  • Instruct users about proper use and deter misuse of safety equipment

Mental Illness Awareness — People enjoy good health and wellbeing
  • With 90% of entries relating to mental illness, can we find a way to address this on street via technology?

Relevant Information

  • All figures provided are known incidents and many go unnoticed.
  • 2014 – 304/543 calls bridge incidents with 124 on our 5 bridges:
  • From the embankment / riverside = 12
  • From Southwark Bridge = 3
  • From Millennium Bridge = 13
  • From Blackfriars Bridge = 24
  • From Tower Bridge = 26
  • From London Bridge = 56
  • Tidal Thames total number of drownings = 26………..double the cycle fatality rate in London. 10 drownings in Central London.
  • Existing lifebelts have been recently improved and instructs persons to call Coastguard in an emergency.
  • Mis-use of the lifebelts is a big problem and needs to be managed through technology.
  • London's commitment to cut the number of drownings in the River Thames

Evaluation Criteria

  • How will the technology stop misuse of the lifebelts?
  • How big an impact could the solution make to improve safety?
  • How creative is the solution?
  • Is the solution technically viable, with potential to scale?
  • Is the solution cost effective?
  • Can the technologies be managed via cellular connection and tie into our existing RF mesh canopy?
  • Durability: Solution should have a field lifetime exceeding 15+ years
  • Implementation of technology on site and successful trials.