We’re invested in our world.

The way we manage energy and water will define this century. As global citizens, Itron is actively engaging with communities to improve energy-water literacy, encourage conservation and inspire future innovators to shape a more resourceful world.

Investing in tomorrow

Raising awareness, inspiring innovation and shaping the future through education.

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Conservation Station

Itron and Discovery Education partnered to create an educational program designed to empower and inspire middle school students to explore the relationship between water and energy—all through the lens of conservation.

Did you know? It takes more water than electricity to turn on a light bulb.

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Resourcefulness: Energy-Water STEM Curriculum

We partnered with Dr. Michael E. Webber—a globally recognized energy-water expert, author and educator—to create an interactive, digital K-12 STEM curriculum that teaches key concepts about energy, water and conservation to inspire innovation to create a more resourceful world.


Power Over Energy®

This global energy literacy initiative and coalition focuses on educating, empowering and motivating all of us to make smart decisions about the way we use electricity.

We’ve reached 100M+ consumers worldwide and 1M+ Facebook Fans.

Thirst for Power Documentary

“Who gets access to the water has access to wealth and power.”

Changing how we think about water and energy can help secure a long-term future for both resources. Thirst for Power explores humankind’s quest to procure abundant water and energy, from ancient times to today.

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Thought leaders: It’s who we are.

We’re always working to keep people everywhere thinking and talking about how we can all make a positive impact on our communities and our environment.

At Itron, we know we have an important role to play with social responsibility. That’s why we’re participants in the ClimateForce Challenge, which sends select Itron employees on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions led by renowned British Polar Explorer Robert Swan, a leader in energy innovation and founder of the 2041 Foundation.

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Swan is the first to walk to both Poles on renewable energy.

By surveying both utility executives and informed consumers, Itron examines where both parties are aligned in their quest for improved water and energy efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability—in short, the drive toward resourcefulness.

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Through our partnerships and collaborations with smart communities, visionary organizations and municipalities, we are working together to create a smarter, safer and more sustainable future for cities and the people who live in them.

Urbanova is a living laboratory collaboration leveraging partnerships to design cities for the future.

Creating Resourceful Communities

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