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Itron Releases Next Generation Ultrasonic Water Meter for Improved Accuracy and Enhanced System Visibility

Intelis wSource Features New Level of Metering Accuracy, Exceptional Performance in Harsh Conditions

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — Sept. 21, 2022 — Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, announced the release of the second-generation series in its Intelis smart water platform line. The Itron® Intelis™ wSource™ is an ultrasonic water meter featuring an unmatched level of accuracy and advanced functionality to improve water network visibility, reduce water losses and enhance billing accuracy. It is the only water meter available today that is MID-certified for R1000 accuracy, a new standard in precision for measuring water consumption at low flows and increased accuracy in customer billing.

Globally, an average of 30% of water is lost to leaks and theft. The Itron Intelis wSource meter helps reduce these real and apparent losses through superior metrology performance at low flows, access to highly granular water consumption data and tampering alarms. The meter is AMR and AMI-ready, featuring embedded network technologies to ease deployment with multiple communication systems.

Other key features of the Itron Intelis wSource meter include:

  • Scalable from AMR to AMI: The Intelis wSource is Automated Meter Reading (AMR) ready with two-way communication wM-Bus support, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) ready with native LoRa communications protocol and Sigfox integration with no gateway needed.

  • Interoperable with open standards: The Intelis wSource connects to open standards and nonproprietary protocols and integrates into Itron’s or third-party meter data management systems.

  • Built for harsh water conditions: Time-tested with hard waters, the Intelis wSource’s metrology is equally stable and reliable under extreme temperatures and areas with intermittent water supply.

  • Long-lasting performance: The Intelis wSource is IP68 waterproof-rated for installation in water pits and features a battery lifetime intended for up to 20 years of use.

  • Increased visibility into the water distribution network: The Intelis wSource keeps the utility’s customer service team abreast of happenings in the field with billing index and consumption data logging, flow distribution monitoring, backflow/reverse flow alarms, event-triggered alerts, leakage, tampering, zero-consumption and on-site diagnostics.

  • Generates data and natively renders actionable insights: The Intelis wSource features leakage quantification, built-in meter sizing, customer usage trends and recommendations for water conservation programs.

  • Alarm capabilities: The Intelis wSource includes alarms signaling backflow, freezing pipes or tampering attempts.

“Itron’s Intelis smart water platform creates the foundation for more efficient resource management for utilities and cities. With the new Intelis wSource series, customers will have access to native insights from leakage quantification to customer consumption profiling for making informed decisions,” said Justin Patrick, senior vice president of Device Solutions at Itron. “Intelis wSource is a game changer in metering accuracy even in the most challenging conditions. It is built strong for a reason: fair billing matters everywhere.”

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