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Itron welcomes UK Government's response on Smart Metering consultation

FELIXSTOWE, UK- December 16th 2009-Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) welcomes the UK Government’s response to the smart meter consultation. The announcement by the UK government confirms their continued commitment to the general introduction of Smart Metering and also provides clarity regarding communications provisions, functionalities to be offered to consumers and the provision of In-Home Displays.

The consultation addressed key issues for the roll-out of smart metering in the UK. It outlines a delivery model for domestic smart meters, functionality requirements for both domestic and non-domestic meters, the supply of a real-time display and information with a smart meter as well as a detailed programme of implementation.

Reacting to the announcement, Nigel Butcher, Itron’s UK General Manager said, “As the global market leader in smart metering technologies, Itron understands the advantages that smart meters can deliver by reducing carbon emissions, providing energy supply chain security and ultimately benefiting consumers through lower energy bills. The UK Government announcement marks an important step in establishing the industry structure to enable the future roll-out across the UK.”

Itron is at the forefront of Smart Energy innovations confirming its position as a leading global solutions provider with 14 million smart meters and modules under contract with four large utilities in the United States. While in the UK, consumers are already benefiting from Itron’s Smart technologies in advance of mass deployment and Itron is committed to the continued investment in these technologies. “Over 3 million Itron smart pay-as-you-go meters have been deployed in the UK since 2004, enhancing customer service and reducing cost-to-serve. These meters align well with the smart functionalities set out by the UK government. Itron continues to deliver innovative solutions that allow this important consumer segment to be at the forefront of the smart meter revolution without the need to change their meters”, explains Butcher.

Privacy and security remain one of the main concerns in the smart metering debate. Informing and empowering consumers to manage their energy consumption is the key objective, but confidence that personal privacy is protected must be preserved. “Many technologies require highly detailed data relating to a consumer’s energy profile to be processed outside of their meter and home display. This raises doubts about who can access this sensitive information. More clarity is needed on this issue with guidance on what data must remain within the consumer’s home and what is really required for effective consumer billing, grid management and operation of the competitive market”, added Butcher.

Itron looks forward to playing a key role in the development of smart technologies within the UK energy supply industry and will continue to support this process leveraging its experience of smart technology deployments across the globe.

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