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Itron's Fixed Network, Advanced Two-Way Communication to the Endpoint Offers NW Natural Gas Added Value beyond Automation

Utility Affordably Collects Time Synchronized Interval Data, On Demand Reads

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — November 19, 2009 — Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today that NW Natural Gas is leveraging its deployment of Itron advanced metering technology to include evaluation of its fixed network for collecting two-way time-synchronized interval data and on-demand reads from customers, as well as retrieve up to 40 days of interval data. Now operational, the two-way gas advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution is collecting reads from within a targeted population of NW Natural’s 100G and 100G Datalogging Gas ERT® modules.

Access to customers’ interval usage data allows NW Natural to analyze consumption patterns, conduct trending analysis, and develop future products and services. With the enhanced functionality, NW Natural will also be able to collect consumption reads immediately for improved customer service, and realize cost savings from remotely performing last reads for move-in and move-outs.

In the future, the two-way communication inherent to the Itron Fixed Network will also enable utilities to gather electronic gas pressure recorder and corrector serial data, and monitor cathodic protection monitoring stations through Itron’s advanced data collection suite, ChoiceConnect™. Additionally, the ability to retrieve the mechanical uncorrected readings will provide an additional layer of protection against losing critical data. Currently, utilities read the instruments manually or rely on more costly backhaul technology. Access to the instruments’ readings through the gas AMI network will result in reduced operational costs for utilities as they avoid sending personnel out into the field.

“As each new avenue of innovation is ushered in by our gas AMI solution, it proves we’ve designed a technology that can truly evolve to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. We feel privelaged to see an imaginative utility like NW Natural join us in this evolution,” said Ron Renzini, vice president, Itron North America sales.

NW Natural began its AMR program in 2006 and has already automated more than 660,000 meters in its Oregon territory using Itron technology. In July of 2008, the utility began its deployment of 100G and 100G Datalogging ERT modules, Itron’s newest generation of higher powered gas modules, bringing gas AMI capabilities to its territory.

NW Natural considered a number of technologies before choosing an Itron system. Cost reductions and operational efficiencies were the primary drivers for automating its territories.

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