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Itron CEO LeRoy Nosbaum Added as EnergyBiz Leadership Forum Keynote Speaker

Luminary to address short- and long-term consequences of the energy and economic crises

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — March 2, 2009 — Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today that its chief executive officer and chairman of the board, LeRoy Nosbaum, will join a host of prestigious industry luminaries as keynote speaker at the EnergyBiz Leadership Forum, March 8-10, 2009 in Washington, D.C.

The Forum will focus specifically on the impact of the Obama stimulus package on the power industry, as well as the short- and long-term consequences of the energy and economic crises. It's the first post-inauguration gathering of the major influencers shaping new energy policy. Other keynotes include T. Boone Pickens of BP Capital Management, Charles E. Phillips, Jr. of Oracle Corporation, Dan Reicher of, Jim Rogers of Duke Energy and Sven Thesen of Better Place.

Nosbaum has more than 40 years of leadership and management experience with companies supplying the utility industry with metering and communications systems, including wireless network solutions. Nosbaum joined Itron in 1996, assuming executive responsibilities in product development, manufacturing, implementation, service and marketing. He was promoted to CEO in the spring of 2000, and elected chairman of the board in the spring of 2002.

"The Obama administration is sending its message loud and clear that our recent economic storm doesn't negate the need for new environmental controls," said Nosbaum. "And Itron solutions are at the forefront of optimizing the delivery and use of energy and water. We see tremendous value in participating in this Forum, leading conversations about how changes in energy policy will affect industry operations and consumers."

"We have been fortunate for the last six weeks to continue to make excellent additions to an already superlative list of presenters and keynote speakers, and Mr. Nosbaum is certainly an example of that," says Mark Johnson, Energy Central vice president of knowledge services and publisher of EnergyBiz magazine. "Having commitments from leaders of such caliber clearly demonstrates the seriousness of the issues we will tackle at the forum and shows the broad-based consensus needed to shape a national energy policy."

He added, "The administration's stimulus package dictates that we act now to maximize the reliability, affordability, and sustainability of energy, and at the forum we are bringing together those people who will provide us with the vision and insight that will allow us to do so."

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