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Itron Launches MetrixND 4.3 Energy Forecasting Tool

New Software Release Provides Enhanced Functionality for Worldwide User Community

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — October 28, 2009 — Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today the commercial release of MetrixND® 4.3, the latest version of the industry’s most powerful and versatile energy forecasting tool.

The new, enhanced features of Itron’s MetrixND 4.3 provide users with streamlined functionality and speed. In a software tool that calculates complex econometric models in seconds, these improvements bring unprecedented functionality, efficiency and control to energy forecasters.

MetrixND can be used for many forecasting processes, including short-term and long-term energy and demand forecasting, price forecasting, individual customer load forecasting and financial forecasting. First released in 1997, Itron’s MetrixND has more than 700 users from 170 utilities and energy companies in nine countries.

“Itron’s energy forecasting customers know firsthand the importance of an accurate forecast and we are proud that MetrixND is the most widely used energy forecasting tool in the world,” said Frank Monforte, director of forecasting for Itron. “As the leading provider of energy forecasting tools, Itron continually strives to deliver software that meets the varied needs of energy forecasters. Our customer base includes market operators in Australia, Canada, Europe and the U.S., energy retailers looking to meet their customer’s energy demands, and utilities who ensure the efficient and reliable delivery of energy. The 4.3 release is our latest investment in the MetrixND platform to expand its capabilities and value for our customers.”

MetrixND offers an intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop architecture to streamline the development of forecasting variables and models. MetrixND presents a range of modeling techniques including regression and neural networks. Evaluation graphs, diagnostic statistics and reports are readily available to assist in developing and analyzing forecasts. The interactive design strategy enables forecast analysts to quickly evaluate alternative models and select the model that works best for the data provided.

MetrixND is a powerful and comprehensive forecasting tool that is easy to use," said John “Trip” Levert, senior staff analyst for Entergy. “MetrixND’s easy to understand layout and drag and drop interface, allows us to create extensive forecast and weather analysis in a minimal amount of time.”

MetrixND is at the core of Itron’s automated forecasting solutions. These systems generate the forecasts used to schedule energy delivery and procurement in real-time markets and provide the foundation for financial forecasts. “The strength of MetrixND lies in its ability to produce accurate forecasts for a full-range of energy forecasting problems, from short-term power system operations to long-term financial and facilities planning. If it can be measured, then MetrixND can be used to forecast future values,” adds Monforte.

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