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City of Sand Springs to Deploy Water SaveSource™

Oklahoma-based water provider chooses Itron’s advanced metering system to improve its operational efficiency, customer service

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — March 4, 2010 — Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today that the City of Sand Springs, Okla., (Sand Springs) has signed a contract to install Water SaveSource, Itron’s advanced metering system for water providers. Just west of Tulsa, Sand Springs delivers water to its customers over a 150 square-mile service territory and will deploy approximately 12,000 Water SaveSource end points over the next 12 months.

Sand Springs has historically been progressive in its water management, securing water rights early on and advocating smart consumer usage of water to ensure growth opportunities across its service area. It recently received project funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act with a focus on advanced metering for improved operational efficiency.

The deployment of Water SaveSource will provide Sand Springs with access to time-synchronized interval meter data for increased process improvement and effective asset management. Specifically, Sand Springs will perform district metering analysis to ensure the reliable delivery of clean water to its customers and service improvements from access to hourly water usage information.

“We realize the importance of actively understanding our customers’ usage and managing our water delivery system now and into the future. Water SaveSource will provide us with advanced capabilities to meet our needs,” Cody Blair, Public Works Engineer of Sand Springs. “Itron’s ability to provide a complete turnkey solution was also essential to us, becoming a key factor in our decision.”

Itron set itself apart by proposing complete, end-to-end solution requirements and professional services. Itron’s help in managing of the entire project deployment—from the installation of the network backhaul to the end points and new meters—helps utilities navigate the process and lets Itron assume the responsibility of properly integrating its solution into Sand Springs’ operations.

“Sand Springs’ commitment to Water SaveSource and advanced metering is a testament to its forward looking approach to properly managing their water resources and delivery system,” said Lou Gust, vice president of water sales and marketing for Itron. “Sand Springs fully understands how advanced metering can offer a higher level of customer service and operational efficiency.”

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