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Itron Signs Agreement To Provide Advanced Meter Reading To Yorkshire Water

Itron Inc. announced today that one of the UK's leading Water and Waste Water providers, Yorkshire Water, has signed a contract for the deployment of Itron's Automated Meter Reading system (AMR). Yorkshire Water is headquartered in Bradford, UK and supplies over 1 billion litres of drinking water each day.

The AMR project includes deployment of up to 500,000 residential water meters (Aquadis+)as well as commercial water meters (Flostar M, Woltex, ...). All the meters supplied will be equipped with Itron's newest generation EverBlu AMR module. Additionally, up to 500,000 EverBlu AMR modules will be supplied for retrofitting to Itron water meters already installed throughout Yorkshire Water's territory. Itron FC300R handheld units and MV-RS meter reading software will be used to collect manual and AMR reads. The AMR system will be installed over a five year period.

The AMR system will allow Yorkshire Water to efficiently collect meter reads and provide data to enhance customer service. Itron's newest generation EverBlu AMR module provides a seamless pathway for utilities to migrate from walk-by to fixed network AMR. Itron's enhanced consumption, leakage and alarm data helps utilities efficiently assess the performance of their assets and networks, while providing valuable data to help drive customer service improvements to promote efficient use of water resources and leakage reduction alongside effective billing and query resolution.

"Yorkshire Water is delighted to be taking a lead in the UK Water Industry with our selected partner, Itron," said Andy Clark, Metering Manager Yorkshire Water. "We consider the EverBlu AMR platform to represent the best available technology in the AMR industry by delivering excellent read performance, significant operational efficiencies and enhanced customer service."

"Yorkshire Water's choice to utilize EverBlu, together with our data collection solutions, reflects their commitment for effective and efficient management of water resources and customer service," said Marcel Regnier, Sr. Vice President and COO Itron International. "We believe the contract represents the largest AMR deployment within the UK water and wastewater industry, clearly placing Yorkshire Water and Itron at the forefront of AMR deployment in the UK water sector. Itron is very excited to work alongside Yorkshire Water in ensuring the successful deployment of this project."

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