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Itron Ships its 30 Millionth Gas AMR/AMI Module

Atlanta Gas Light is Recipient of Milestone Module

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.—March 9, 2010—Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today that it has shipped its 30 millionth gas AMR/AMI module from its Waseca, Minn., manufacturing plant. The recipient is Atlanta Gas Light, a subsidiary of AGL Resources, a longtime Itron customer and natural gas distributor. Atlanta Gas Light serves 1.5 million customers in the state of Georgia.

Itron's facility in Waseca, Minn., is the birthplace of radio-frequency gas automated meter reading (AMR). Itron shipped its first encoder receiver transmitter (ERT®) module from the facility in 1986. Utilities identified a need to obtain meter reads from indoor gas meters via automation and Itron answered the call with AMR.

Atlanta Gas Light began purchasing ERT modules 22 years ago, during a time when utilities were just beginning to embrace AMR. They continue to rely on Itron to improve their operational efficiencies, including use of Itron's new 100G Datalogging ERT module, which offers both AMR and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) benefits.

"At Atlanta Gas Light we have always embraced innovation and considered ourselves to be on the forefront of adopting new technology," said Wendell Dallas, vice president of Atlanta Gas Light."In more recent years, our parent company, AGL Resources has expanded its 100G ERT deployments to Florida and Tennessee to allow us to better serve our customers. We are delighted to be the recipient of Itron's 30 millionth gas module."

Itron's two-way 100G Datalogging ERT module boasts storage for 40 days of time-synchronized hourly data. The solution allows both mobile and fixed network customers to cost-effectively obtain benefits. In the past, mobile customers could only access this advanced functionality by upgrading to a fixed network. The multiple advantages derived from Itron's latest technology platforms, the 100G Datalogging ERT module and 2.4GZ OpenWay® Gas Module, are allowing the solutions to gain momentum in the AMR and AMI marketplaces.

"We value customers like Atlanta Gas Light who continue to allow us to serve their needs. It is these customers that have propelled us along in reaching such a monumental milestone," said Carl Porter, Itron director of gas product marketing. "At Itron, we are listening , and anticipating, customer needs for today and the next 20 years, including solutions for a smart distribution network. We are busy integrating shut off in the gas meter and bringing to market the ability for Itron solutions to read pressure-recording, cathodic protection and telemetry devices, further growing the value of AMR and AMI."

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