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Itron Honored with Metering International Excellence Award at African Utility Week

CAPE TOWN, South Africa—March 23, 2011—Itron is pleased to announce that it was the recipient of the Metering International Excellence Award for 2011 at African Utility Week held in Cape Town last week. The award provides recognition of Itron's involvement in Africa's power and utility sector and was presented by South African Energy minister Elisabeth Dipuo Peters.

Itron Southern and Eastern Africa has committed itself to numerous noteworthy projects in the region. In South Africa, Itron has established the backbone system infrastructure of Eskom's national prepayment vending system. The system is now able to vend pre-paid electricity online and in real-time to 4.5 million customers, making it the largest electricity prepayment system in the world.

In Kenya, Itron is supplying nearly 100,000 DIN split meters to Kenya Power & Lighting Company. In Mozambique, Itron has transformed the country's offline prepayment system into a networked system managed online. This solution allows the purchase of electricity at petrol stations, supermarkets, and ATMs, as well as through scratch cards, cellular and internet services. Another significant flagship success story for Itron in the region is the implementation of prepayment solutions to Azerbaijan's gas utilities.

Itron Southern and Eastern Africa has also distinguished itself by its innovative employee program. The company has received several awards over the years for its human resource practices and philosophy, which encourage employee empowerment, accountability, equity and self development. Itron Southern and Eastern Africa has been the recipient of the BEST Employers™ accreditation for two consecutive years, acknowledging its best practice methodologies.

While receiving the Metering International Excellence Award, Damian Padachi, managing director of Itron Southern and Eastern Africa, stated, "Itron is dedicated to realizing the potential of people and technology in Africa. The Metering International Excellence Award recognizes our involvement in this region's development, and we are proud to accept it."

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