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Itron Meter Data Management Software Fully Implemented at Southern California Edison

End-to-End Solution Will Help Utility Empower Consumers with Information About their Energy Use

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.—January 28, 2011—Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today that Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the nation's largest utilities, has completed the installation of Itron Enterprise Edition™ Meter Data Management (IEE MDM), a key component in the Edison SmartConnect™ smart metering system. Itron's software will soon help SCE offer its customers new pricing plans, programs and services allowing customers to make better-informed decisions about their energy use.

IEE MDM and the ongoing deployment of Itron's OpenWay® smart meters are key components of a next-generation platform for data optimization and enhanced customer service. SCE's Edison SmartConnect program has already installed more than two million Itron OpenWay smart meters for residential and small-business customers in the utility's 50,000-square-mile service territory. The company will install a total of approximately five million smart meters by the end of 2012.

Using meter and meter-related data from IEE MDM, SCE will export data to an enterprise data warehouse from Teradata (NYSE: TDC), an Itron partner, to support customer web presentment.

"From day one, the Edison SmartConnect program focused on getting it right for the customer," said David Erickson, director of IT at SCE for Edison SmartConnect. "One of the biggest hurdles SCE cleared in 2010 was the successful implementation of the back office systems that will enable interval billing. This was a foundational step in the program that will soon enable SCE to begin billing customers from usage information collected hourly for residential customers and every 15 minutes for small business customers. Itron's solutions played a big part in that successful implementation."

Throughout the project, SCE and Itron worked collaboratively to ensure the successful deployment of new smart meters. The project leveraged Itron's unique ability to deliver a comprehensive and fully integrated end-to-end solution. It also included jointly executed scale and performance tests under SCE's daily operational conditions and peak-day conditions, as well as billing hourly and 15-minute interval data.

"Itron is honored to expand our partnership with SCE to include IEE MDM. The combination of IEE MDM and OpenWay will support SCE's advanced smart grid program requirements and full-scale production needs today and well into the future," said Julie Hance, vice president of software solutions for Itron.?

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