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Itron to Upgrade Water Meters and Improve Productivity of Water Supply in Amman, the Capital City of Jordan

PARIS, France—May 5, 2015—Itron, Inc.(NASDAQ: ITRI), a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water, announced today the initiation of a project to upgrade water meters and reduce apparent water losses in the greater Amman area of Jordan. This contract is part of the Memorandum of Understanding, "Partnership for Water Sustainability in Jordan," signed on Nov. 17, 2014, during King Abdullah II of Jordan's visit to France.

This project, financed by a soft loan granted by the French Treasury to Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna) as part of the Réserve Pays Emergents (RPE), involves the utilization of Itron's smart water solution and state-of-the-art ultrasonic water metering technology to reduce non-revenue water (NRW). Miyahuna provides water to approximately 760,000 customers in the capital and in the provinces of Zarqa and Madaba.

Itron's fully-compact static ultrasonic water meter is designed and tailored for Middle Eastern conditions. With no moving parts, it allows for protection against unplanned maintenance costs and provides highly accurate measurement over the entire product life. A total of 123,000 of these smart residential ultrasonic water meters will be produced by Itron France and will be installed by the end of July 2016.

With Itron's solution, the utility can reduce its NRW by using detailed meter data to analyze network conditions and detect unusual usage patterns. The implementation of the data management system will include three years of monitoring to ensure Miyahuna has fully mastered the Itron solution.

"Potable water supply for Amman city is a daily challenge, especially in the current regional crisis. In these difficult conditions, the support provided by the highest authorities of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to Miyahuna has already enabled a significant increase in the level of water produced in Amman. The essential reinforcement of our loss reduction policy can be initiated in 2015 thanks to the contract signed with Itron," said Munir Oweis, CEO of Miyahuna.

"For Itron, this marks the single largest implementation of a comprehensive apparent loss reduction program for a water utility. It perfectly illustrates the industrial excellence of Franco-Jordanian cooperation in the water sector. The significant reduction of Miyahuna's non-revenue water level, which is currently 37 percent, will considerably contribute to improving the performance of the water network and the productivity of the investments made by Miyahuna," said Mathias Martin, Itron vice president of sales, EMEA, Water.

About Miyahuna:
Jordan Water Company Miyahuna is the largest Government-owned company in Jordan responsible for provision of water and wastewater services in the Capital Amman in addition to Zarqa and Madaba provinces. Miyahuna provides services to 760,000 subscribers forming about 62 percent of total water subscribers in Jordan.

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