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Itron Showcases ChoiceConnect Gas AMI Solution at European Utility Week

Fixed network solution to help utilities around the world better manage gas resources

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — Nov. 5, 2014 — Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), a world-leading technology and services company, announced today that it is showcasing its ChoiceConnect gas advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution with fixed network communications at European Utility Week. ChoiceConnect Network is an adaptable, advanced metering and fixed network solution that will be made available globally in early 2015. Featuring a cost-effective, two-way communications network, the solution enables utilities to better manage their gas distribution systems through remote collection of detailed meter data and monitoring of system integrity. ChoiceConnect Network transforms business operations, customer engagement and resource management and helps utilities increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

The fixed network solution features detailed meter data that helps utilities meet billing and customer service needs. Full two-way communication to the meter enables off-cycle reads and disconnects to be easily conducted without having to roll a truck, while access to near real-time customer usage information expedites bill reconciliation. Detailed consumption information also informs consumers of their gas usage and empowers them to change behaviors and save money.

In this first phase, ChoiceConnect Network will operate within the 169MHz band, using full, open protocols and end-to-end security. The solution builds on Itron's years of experience designing for narrow radio band fixed network operations, addressing secure firmware download in a standards environment, overcoming capacity issues in large cities, and fulfilling minimum network requirements, while maintaining a viable battery life. The solution also takes advantage of Itron's network management experience, choosing the optimal radio frequency channels, modes and routes to achieve system integrity and improved total cost-of-ownership.

In addition, ChoiceConnect Network will allow utilities to collect key performance variables along transmission and distribution lines daily or on-demand. In a second phase, the solution will integrate telemetry devices to identify any patterns in pipeline integrity and safety, such as pipeline corrosion, that could be of concern.

"We are excited to expand our proven, reliable ChoiceConnect AMI solution to utilities around the world so they can benefit from better insights into their gas distribution systems," said Marcel Regnier, president of Itron's global gas business unit."To date, more than 50 million gas endpoints are operating under the ChoiceConnect fixed network and mobile solution in North America. We look forward to continuing this momentum with the ChoiceConnect Network solution to enable utilities to better manage gas resources."

The end-to-end solution features gas meters with communication modules, collection devices, data collection and data management software and analytics. To learn more, visit Itron at European Utility Week in Amsterdam, Nov 4-6, in Itron booth 1.D16.

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