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Itron Delivers Analytics as a Service to Texas-New Mexico Power

Analytic Apps Range from Energy Theft Detection to Transformer Load Management

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — Jan. 27, 2014 — Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today that it will provide Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP), electricity provider to nearly 240,000 customers throughout Texas, analytics software as a service to ensure the data from its Itron advanced metering network creates additional value for the utility and its customers. TNMP is more than halfway through its deployment of Itron's network solution that utilizes cellular communications, with 125,000 Itron cellular smart meters installed and operating.

As a part of its managed services offering, Itron will run and manage the analytics solution, deliver regular analytic reports and provide operational recommendations to TNMP. Itron Analytics as a service gives utilities a predictable cost model and frees them to focus on core operations.

With Itron Analytics, utilities gain insights into measuring system performance and reducing losses. The analytic solution, which is pre-integrated with Itron data collection and management systems, includes such applications as energy diversion detection, transformer load management, and outage and voltage data analysis.

"Itron Analytics takes an innovative approach to creating value from smart grid data. We look forward to helping TNMP take advantage of its smart cellular network by delivering new insight into utility operations and opportunities to improve energy delivery," said Mark de Vere White, president of Itron's electricity business line. "And by providing Itron Analytics as a service, we are able to accelerate time to value while also controlling costs and eliminating risk for the utility."

Itron Analytics is now available on a new, common platform and has been designed to support multiple commodities � electric, gas, and water � in combination with Itron expertise. Enhanced functionality of the offering includes intuitive user interfaces, highly accurate models for meter connectivity, line loss assessment and testing, and energy diversion detection (for meter bypass and tampering). The solution includes a transformer load management component offering unique capabilities for Volt/VAR management to identify overloaded transformers, as well as outage analysis tools to support improved outage detection and response to drive improved SAIFI and SAIDI performance.

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