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Itron Expands Gas Portfolio to Deliver Enhanced System Reliability and Operational Efficiency

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.—May 16, 2013—Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today the expansion of its gas product portfolio with the release of a new residential gas meter, remote disconnect shutoff valve for all gas meters and gas sensors (telemetry modules) for natural gas utilities. The new products will address utilities' operational and delivery challenges, bringing added value, efficiencies and service reliability that are critical to the growing role natural gas plays in the future of energy.

  • l-250 Gas Meter: Itron's premier residential gas meter, the l-250 gas meter offers exceptional accuracy and reliability at a wide range of flow rates and harsh temperatures. Built upon a simple, yet proven design with advanced production methods, the l-250 enhances revenue assurance and provides greater confidence in meter performance.
  • GasGate RD: The GasGate Remote Disconnect (RD) valve lowers operating costs by remotely shutting off the flow of gas, helping utilities efficiently manage customer move-ins, move-outs and other disconnects to reduce truck rolls and minimize associated costs. The GasGate RD can also shut off gas flow to the premise in the event of a gas leak.
  • 100T-CP Cathodic Protection Telemetry Module: The 100T-CP features remote monitoring of pipe to soil readings, providing daily data that aids in pipeline integrity management. Developed in cooperation with the Gas Technology Institute, the 100T-CP eliminates costly manual voltmeter readings of test stations and allows a cathodic protection voltage reading through Itron's fixed network solution.
  • 100T-HON Telemetry Module: The 100T-HON enables system integrity management and service reliability by collecting feature rich serial data from correctors and recorders via Itron’s fixed network solution, monitoring critical gas pressure along distribution pipelines and diagnostic data from commercial and industrial customers.

“Itron’s new gas products are designed to meet the growing challenges utilities face. Metering accuracy is crucial for diligent revenue assurance programs. Remote command and control capabilities are helping utilities streamline their operations and enhance levels of service and safety,” said Carl Porter, senior vice president of sales, marketing and delivery for Gas North America at Itron. “Our goal is to expand value for our customers beyond the meter.”

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