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Eléctrica de Guayaquil Expands Use of Itron Technology to Broaden Smart Meter Reach

Itron smart meters and network infrastructure to improve operational processes and deliver reliable service to more customers within the city

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.—August 23, 2012—Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today that Eléctrica de Guayaquil, a state-owned electric utility in Guayaquil, Ecuador, has contracted with Itron to add 7,700 smart meters to the Itron smart grid network that was deployed in 2011. The expanded project will continue to help the utility identify and control non-technical losses and provide reliable service to more customers. The project is expected to be completed in the next 90 days.

In 2011, Itron and Eléctrica de Guayaquil deployed Latin America's first meter-to-cash smart metering system. Over the course of the year, the utility has been able to accurately measure and manage its commercial and industrial (C&I) customers' electricity usage and is now extending its program to include additional C&I and residential customers.

"We're satisfied with the performance of Itron's system and the operational efficiencies we are experiencing," said Hugo Pacheco Álvarez, general manager of Eléctrica de Guayaquil. "With Itron's proven track record with deploying smart grid solutions, I'm confident that we've selected a partner with the expertise to help us achieve our smart metering goals."

Itron's solution provides the information Eléctrica de Guayaquil needs to discover and manage non-technical losses, or diversion, through proactive monitoring and data analysis. In some areas where the appropriate infrastructure is not in place, meters can be tampered with and electricity diverted, resulting in lost revenue. Using Itron's smart meters,the utility will be able to detect tampers and protect revenue.

"We're pleased that Eléctrica de Guayaquil is continuing to invest in Itron's industry-leading technology as the foundation for its smart meter program," said Gadner Vieira, general manager of Itron Energy in Latin America. "Our work and success in Ecuador demonstrates that our innovative technology is designed to scale to meet each customer's business requirements, deployment plan and budget."

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