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Itron Expands Portfolio of ZigBee Smart Energy-Certified Products

Continues standard-based approach to grid interoperability, connecting dramatically different devices

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.—June 7, 2012—Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today that it has expanded its ZigBee Smart Energy-certified product portfolio across the company's energy product line. ZigBee Smart Energy is a global, standards-based wireless mesh networking technology that is used to connect dramatically different devices. Itron's newly certified products include the EM425 meter, an IEC-certified electric smart meter for the UK market, and the M2 Gateway, an Itron communications module that enables third party meters to communicate on Itron's RF mesh network. With these new certifications, Itron rounds out its portfolio of ZigBee-certified products, helping ensure interoperability in the smart grid.

Itron has been certifying ZigBee Smart Energy products since the specification's inception in May 2008. Itron's ZigBee adoption extends domestically to ANSI-certified meters and internationally to IEC-certified meters. It also extends to integrated products and communications modules, incorporating ZigBee into third party products. The breadth of Itron's certified products helps continue the company's vision of using ZigBee to enable a highly reliable, low cost and low power standard for managing delivery of electricity and gas.

Itron is the leader not only in implementing ZigBee in the widest array of smart grid products, but also in integrating ZigBee products with other communications technologies, including Wi-Fi, cellular and RF mesh. This gives utilities the flexibility to integrate assets with the communications network of their choice.

"Itron is committed to bringing best of breed technologies together to enable broad participation in the smart grid throughout the world," said Philip Mezey, Itron president and COO of Energy. "We believe that adopting international standards, such as ZigBee Smart Energy, and certifying product implementations of those standards is necessary to achieve true interoperability, which is key to the success of the smart grid."

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