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One-Day Introduction to Forecasting and SAE Modeling Workshop

Start:  3/12/2024

End:  3/12/2024

Location:  New Orleans, LA

Type:  Workshops

Primary Contact:  paige.schaefer@itron.com

One-Day Introduction to Forecasting and SAE Modeling Workshop

March 12, 2024

New Orleans, LA

The Statistically Adjusted End-Use (SAE) model is designed for developing long-term energy and demand forecasts and entails integrating end-use information into an econometric modeling framework. The approach is designed to explicitly capture the impact of end-use saturation and efficiency trends as well as economic conditions on long-term residential and commercial energy demand. SAE models can also be used for developing long-term peak demand forecasts. The workshop includes a detailed overview of the SAE modeling approach. Attendees will develop MetrixND Residential SAE models and explore how the SAE modeling framework can be used for evaluating alternative efficiency paths. It is assumed that attendees have a basic understanding of modeling and statistics, but a general overview and review of these concepts will be provided before moving on to the SAE framework.


This one-day workshop will be conducted by Mark Quan and is held prior to the Annual Energy Forecasting Meeting on March 13-15. For more information, contact Paige Schaefer.

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