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Presentation - Investigating the Detection of Waveform Anomalies in Order to Maintain Grid Stability

Start:  2/27/2024

End:  2/27/2024

Location:  Orlando, FL

Type:  Speaker

Presenter:  Mel Gehrs & Chaitanya Baone

Primary Contact:  Becca Jones

Join us on February 27 from 2:00pm-2:30pm in booth #4343 for a Grid Edge Technologies Hub session!

When the voltage on your grid is stable and distributing electricity as intended, everything is status quo. But what happens when there are disruptions to the power flow? Detecting anomalies such as voltage sags/swells, spikes and notches to harmonics, electrical noise, switching transients and frequency variations can identify these issues and further restore steady voltage. This session will address how utilities are investigating the ability to detect the various types of anomalies and how distributed intelligence can identify and help proactively maintain grid resiliency and stability.

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