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2023 Forecast Accuracy Benchmarking Survey & Energy Trends – Survey Participants Only

Start:  12/5/2023

End:  12/5/2023

Location:  VIRTUAL

Type:  Webinars

Primary Contact:  Paige.Schaefer@itron.com

Mark Quan presenting


In January 2023, Itron will launch its regular annual forecasting accuracy benchmark survey. This will be the 11th year of collecting information about the industry’s electric and natural gas forecasting practices and examining current issues. This year, only survey participants will be able to attend this Brown Bag to review the results and implications of the survey. To participate in the survey, please email Paige at Paige.Schaefer@itron.com.


Itron hosts regular webinars on a range of forecasting topics. Itron is always at the forefront of the energy forecasting field. We help our customers around the world understand the complexities of energy forecasting and share our perspective on the latest forecasting issues and solutions. Take advantage of Itron’s expertise and experience to gain insightful knowledge and help you to improve your forecasts and join us during this webinar.

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