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Utility IQ Quickstart Training

Start:  8/7/2023

End:  8/17/2023

Location:  VIRTUAL

Type:  Training

Presenter:  Lora Price

Primary Contact:  

UtilityIQ Quickstart has 11 modules.
Cost of the entire course: $4500 per student.

For those students that would like to take modules a la carte, the individual module prices are listed below, with details.


Module 1: UIQ.101: Introduction to the GenX UIQ Advanced Metering Solution

Module 2: AMM.200: AMM System Operator

Module 3: AMM.250: AMM System Manager

Module 4: NC.200: Network Center

Module 5: FWU.200: Firmware Upgrader

Module 6: MPC.200: Meter Program Configurator Training

Module 7: SEC.101: Introduction to Itron GenX Security

Module 8:SIQ.200: SensorIQ

Module 9: SEC.200: Secure FSU

Module 10: ODS.200: Outage Detection System

Module 11: TLS.210: Communications Tester

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