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MEA Energy Electric Operations Leadership Summit

Start:  5/4/2023

End:  5/4/2023

Location:  Coralville, IA

Type:  Speaker

Presenter:  Nick Tumilowicz, Director of Product Management, Distributed Energy Management Solutions, Itron

Primary Contact:  Fani Lemken

Join Nick Tumilowicz, Itron's Director of Product Management, Distributed Energy Management Solutions on is presenting on Thursday, May 4 from 10:30am-11:45am CT as he discusses Pathways to Accommodate Electric Transportation at MEA's Leadership Summit.

There are a variety of pathways to accommodate aggressive decarbonization goals and timelines.  Utility planners, grid operators, and program administrators require alignment with customer EV adoption.  Historically, transmission and distribution upgrades have been one option, but they come with budget and schedule challenges.  Another approach is to target compromised feeders and grid assets, deploying customer behavior and management technology and programs. This session will review practical solutions to ensure customer choice through EV adoption is accommodated.

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