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IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies: "Driving Operational Innovation to Improve Outage Restoration & the Customer Experience"

Start:  4/11/2023

End:  4/11/2023

Location:  San Diego, CA

Type:  Speaker

Presenter:  Ryan Mayer, Shift Manager—Operations Control Center, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)

Primary Contact:  Becca Jones

Join Ryan Mayer, Shift Manager for the Operations Control Center at Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) on Tuesday, April 11 from 3:30pm-4:30pm in Room 11B for "Driving Operational Innovation to Improve Outage Restoration & the Customer Experience." Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) is leveraging a mesh network to improve outage restorations, increase operational efficiencies and focus on delivering a premier customer experience. In addition, they are utilizing a custom-built application that enables them to avoid truck rolls, efficiently allocate resources and improve customer efficiency during storm restoration. This application is called COMPASS (ComEd Outage Management Power Analysis Software System). In order to extend value and drive innovation further, ComEd is using AMI data, operations management applications and fault indicators to minimize the costs associated with generator deployments and improve outage restoration times. Operations management applications give them the opportunity to look at transformer loading in real-time, identify the trends to immediately assess loading requirements and choose the best way to restore customers via generation. This both improves outage restoration times in the event a more readily available generator can be leveraged and affects the bottom line, therefore avoiding the cumbersome deployment of larger generators. Fault indicators, running on the mesh network, allow field technicians to be efficiently dispatched in order to restore load and identify emergent issues quickly. ComEd will present how they are using a wide range of tools to investigate new perspectives and opportunities to improve operations and outage restoration, and transform the customer experience.
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