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IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies: "Detect, Investigate and Mitigate Non-technical Losses with Revenue Assurance"

Start:  4/11/2023

End:  4/11/2023

Location:  San Diego, CA

Type:  Speaker

Presenter:  John Albrecht, Manager of AMI Data Analytics, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)

Primary Contact:  Becca Jones

Join John Albrecht, Manager of AMI Data Analytics for Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) on Tuesday, April 11 from 1:00pm-2:00pm in Room 11A for "Detect, Investigate and Mitigate Non-technical Losses with Revenue Assurance." Non-technical losses are a major concern for all utilities and can have a considerable effect on both the public’s perception of your utility and your bottom line. Taking mitigating actions quickly can enhance and protect revenue, alleviate safety concerns and demonstrate a positive customer focus. Utilities are utilizing over 100+ analytic algorithms to understand the importance of increasing the accuracy and speed of detecting loss through revenue assurance and how that ultimately adds value, delivers savings, establishes business case visibility and provides a quick return on investment. Learn how Commonwealth Edison is realizing an over 90% hit rate on all revenue protection use cases including insight into consumption on inactive meters, endpoints that were disconnected yet still indicate usage, bypassed meters and those channeling reverse energy.
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