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DistribuTECH: "Deploying Distributed Intelligence to Discover a Smart Energy Future"

Start:  2/7/2023

End:  2/7/2023

Location:  San Diego, CA

Type:  Speaker

Presenter:  Shawn Mundy, Advanced Meter Solutions Manager, CenterPoint Energy

Primary Contact:  Becca Jones

Join CenterPoint Energy on Tuesday, February 7 from 1:30pm-2:00pm PT in the Grid Edge Technologies hub (booth #2747) for "Deploying Distributed Intelligence to Discover a Smart Energy Future".

CenterPoint Energy is striving to improve the service it provides to its customers through resilience and safety across its ~7 million meter gas and electric territory. The legacy Vectren organization began realizing traditional AMI benefits in 2017 with the vision of enhancing their use case value through innovative DI capabilities by running analytics at the edge to find operational efficiencies. Starting in December 2021, CNP Indiana began the next phase of their innovative journey with the deployment of the first generally available distributed intelligence applications: High Impedance Detection and Meter Bypass Detection. After field deployment on 50,000–150,000 meters and the collection of field results in 2022, CNP Indiana and Itron assessed the data and quantified the value after 11 months in November 2022. Some apps exceeded expectations, others need more time for field evaluation, and another was conceived of and deployed over the course of the project: Active Temperature Monitoring. In 2023, CNP Indiana intends to deploy the latest round of DI apps available, including EV Awareness, EV Readiness, Active Transformer Load Monitoring, Active Transformer Voltage Monitoring, and Solar Awareness. Learn how this deployment will help support a solid business case, demonstrate the value of DI, translate into benefits for the regulated Indiana market, and how it’s being used as a proving ground for benefits in the deregulated Texas market.
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