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Increase Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Operational Expenses with Itron Smart Pay Webinar

Start:  1/31/2023

End:  1/31/2023

Location:  VIRTUAL

Type:  Webinars

Presenter:  Chris Germano

Primary Contact:  paige.schaefer@itron.com

See how Itron Smart Pay can help forward-looking utilities with a solution that addresses both today’s energy consumers’ desires and the need for a new robust billing system that can efficiently support AMI systems.


Today, utilities must engage with and provide data to their energy consumers to simply maintain relationships. This engagement can increase customer satisfaction scores and reduce operational expenses. A Kelley School of Business study found that for every increase in customer satisfaction, utilities’ operational costs decreased by magnitudes.


Billing and payments are the obvious touch point for consumers. Providing them with easier, more flexible options not only helps specific customer demographics but also helps the utility manage arrearages and improve utility cash flow.


Many Public Power municipal-based utilities have a legacy CIS/billing system and are making the move to AMI to upgrade their electric and/or water grid and infrastructure. This change will also provide the near real-time data needed to better connect with their energy consumers.

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