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DistribuTECH: Utility University Workshop "The AMI Journey for the Next-Gen AMI System"

Start:  2/6/2023

End:  2/6/2023

Location:  San Diego, CA

Type:  Workshops

Presenter:  David Kreiss, Power Systems Consultant

Primary Contact:  Becca Jones

Join David Kreiss, Power Systems Consultant, on Monday, February 6 from 8:00am-12:00pm for the "AMI Journey for the Next-Gen AMI System" workshop. The next generation’s AMI journey will be quite different from the first generation’s AMI journey. The first generation’s success was based upon reliably generating a customer bill whereas the next-generation AMI’s (AMI 2.0) success will be highly dependent upon improving the operation and management of the utility’s distribution system. The new AMI 2.0 functionality will be a focus of this course to be woven into the development of AMI requirements, crafting an architecture, deployment and staffing, operations, and especially the initial funding and cost recovery strategy. The course will describe the implementation of AMI 2.0 as a journey of five stages. The first stage is the justification phase which will require a cost projection and a cost recovery strategy. The next four stages will include design, deployment, operations, and leveraging AMI to support T&D operations. It will describe the general activities of each stage and how a utility can successfully implement the stage with emphasis on how to avoid constraints and issues. The design and deployment phases will include the necessary integration with utility systems to include ADMS/DMS/OMS/DERMS, network connectivity model, meter data management systems, data warehouse, MDM, and work crew management.
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