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DistribuTECH: "Intelligence that Empowers: Quantifying the Benefits of Distributed Intelligence"

Start:  5/24/2022

End:  5/24/2022

Location:  Dallas, TX

Type:  Speaker

Presenter:  David Lukcic, Director of AMI Strategy, Tampa Electric Company

Primary Contact:  Becca Jones

Join David Lukcic, Director of AMI Strategy at Tampa Electric Company on Tuesday, May 24 from 10:30am-11:00am CT in room C155 (first level) at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (Dallas, TX) in the Grid Modernization track for "Intelligence that Empowers: Quantifying the Benefits of Distributed Intelligence".

Distributed intelligence (DI) enables utilities and communities to evolve distribution grid operations and enhance the customer experience through proven, innovative applications that are managing the active grid of today and tomorrow…now! However, how do we know that the benefits of DI are exponentially more valuable than back-office applications?

By providing insight to more accurately control and manage the grid, and delivering value through additional consumer services/support, Tampa Electric Company quantified the benefits of distributed intelligence, specifically through theft detection, high impedance detection and residential neutral fault detection applications whereby they are achieving lower complexity, lower latency and lower costs.

Tampa Electric Company compared conventional AMI data (back-office analytics) with DI data in a lab-based setting to demonstrate how DI can solve existing problems more quickly and cost-effectively, and lay the foundation for other utilities to cite success and justification for their initiatives by bringing awareness to the value of utilizing intelligence at the edge. What they learned is that the value far exceeds back-office results. Specifically, the DI results were 100% accurate for all three applications, with 10 occurrences detected for theft and six occurrences detected for each of residential neutral and high impedance. In contrast, the back-office analysis resulted in seven false positives for theft detection, and zero occurrences detected for both residential neutral fault and high impedance.

Distributed intelligence has delivered visibility to TECO that wasn’t able to be previously measured and quantified. TECO is in the process of deploying these DI applications in the field and are anticipating exciting results. By fall 2021, TECO should have 750K meters running DI on them providing intelligence that empowers and impressive results being uncovered daily.

Attendees will also hear about the success and status of Tampa Electric Company’s field deployment, which is implementing the same applications that were tested in the lab setting.
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