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Northwest Meter School

Start:  9/21/2021

End:  9/23/2021

Location:  Virtual

Type:  Conferences

Primary Contact:  allison.hedges@itron.com

Operating in its 66th year, the school curriculum emphasizes the need for quality technical training as it relates to metering, while also integrating fresh technological trends and perspectives. This course is designed to serve metering apprentices and journeymen in the electric utility industry by developing skills through expert lectures and hands-on laboratory training spanning the basics of metering theory, AMI and high-end meter applications. Students should select their preferred track according to their level of experience: Single Phase Metering; Polyphase Metering; Solid State Metering; Advanced Metering and Communications; Substation/Generation Metering; and Hot Topic Roundtable/Supervisory.
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