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Getting Ahead of Industry Trends at the 2022 Smart City Expo World Congress

Smart City Expo World Congress Recap

The 2022 Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) was nothing short of fantastic. A record-breaking number of attendees had the opportunity to hear from urban leaders and world-renowned experts about the innovation and collaboration driving the digital transformation of cities forward. Held in Barcelona, Spain, the event sparked cross-sectoral conversations, fostered relationships and provided a platform to share knowledge around creating a better future for cities and their citizens across the globe

Here are three key themes that stood out:

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Now is the time to take advantage of real-time, data-driven insights. 

Cities and other critical infrastructure providers such as utilities are facing an increasingly difficult future, complicated by regulatory mandates, economic realities and climate disruption. However, with the right tools, real-time data can cultivate actionable insights to streamline operations, reveal new revenue streams and more. From a smart city perspective, access to real-time data can lead to many actionable insights such as monitoring flood and rain data to identify and notify citizens of safety concerns, monitoring air quality data during wildfire season, targeting optimal EV charging areas, saving energy through smart streetlights, and optimizing traffic management schemes to reduce time on the road and carbon emissions. To make these insights accessible, Itron’s multi-purpose platform safely links millions of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors and devices worldwide, providing cities and utilities with high-performing IIoT platforms that can support multiple applications in smart cities, smart utilities and more. Cities and utilities that are equipped with intelligently connected network infrastructure are already poised to harness powerful analytics that will add value anywhere—and everywhere for decades to come.

It takes a village! Access to broad and diverse application ecosystems is a key success factor for smart cities.

A smart city can’t be built with one or two solutions alone. As macro factors such as rising energy costs and climate disruption accelerate, so does the need for cities and utilities to have systems in place that can predict imminent dangers and enable quick response time. That’s why Itron has invested heavily in building one of the most diverse IIoT solution ecosystems for smart cities and utilities across the globe. By partnering with technology innovators, service providers and channel partners, together, we can accelerate the modernization of energy, water and smart city infrastructure much more successfully than by going at it alone. As applications such as air quality monitoring, traffic management and flood and rain monitoring become more in demand, our growing partner ecosystem can provide answers to the main challenges of building smart cities. Itron’s partnership with Microsoft, for example, along with our membership of the TALQ Consortium, enable us to add more value to our customers’ investments by increasing efficiencies, reducing energy consumption, lowering operational costs and more.

We can address sustainability through streetlights.

Cities and utilities often wonder where to start when looking to deploy smart city solutions, and the answer is simple: smart street lightingStarting with a proven anchor application, such as smart street lighting, enables utilities to immediately capture the proven ROI benefits of reduced energy cost for the city, reduced operational costs and improved citizen safety. Building on the streetlight IoT canopy, cities and utilities can layer sensors and applications to help unlock insights, improving operations and benefits that span far beyond lighting. Itron’s smart city solutions lay the foundation for cities and utilities to add a variety of industrial IoT sensors and applications to experience benefits including reduced traffic congestion and crime, improved outage detection and increased emergency response time and disaster recovery, just to name a few

Thank you to everyone who attended and presented at the 2022 Smart City Expo World Congress for making it such a wonderful experience! We’re already looking forward to next year. 

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