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Itron Resourcefulness Index

The Itron Resourcefulness Index is a unique study that is one of the first to examine both executive and consumer attitudes within the utility industry, surveying more than 1400 informed consumers and utility executives in 14 countries in every region of the world. It provides key insights about the utility industry, which is at a tipping point. Building smarter cities, engaging consumers in a meaningful way and resourcefully using our limited gas, water and electric resources requires innovative technology and a new way of thinking. To learn more, download the 2013 Itron Resourcefulness Index here (registration required).
Resourcefulness Index
Resourcefulness Infographic

Dr Webber "Over time, I anticipate that the Index will serve as a reference guide for utility leaders, consumers, governments and analysts around the world who wish to track changes in resourcefulness and industry concerns. This is one more tool to help us all be more resourceful with energy and water resources. I found it revealing, and I hope you will, too."

Dr. Michael E. Webber
Deputy Director of the Energy Institute
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin