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Silver Spring Networks is Now Itron

On January 5, 2018, Itron announced that it had completed its acquisition of Silver Spring Networks. The acquisition combines a world-leader in electricity, gas, water and smart city solutions with a leading provider of critical infrastructure, smart city/industrial IoT solutions and networking technology. Together, we are creating a more resourceful world.
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Every. Last. Drop. See how solutions from Itron can help you detect leaks, manage pressure, encourage conservation and make the most of your water resources.
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Discover the Active Grid—innovative technology for new energy challenges—and our proven electricity solutions from the meter all the way to the back office.
Learn how solutions from Itron move beyond meter reading to deliver active gas distribution management. From communication modules and regulators to AMI, our solutions optimize operations and enhance safety.
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Smart Cities
Smarter cities lead to more vibrant communities. Learn how Itron is building the foundation and helping cities be more efficient than ever.
Internet of Things
See how Itron is using active intelligence to revolutionize energy and water resourcefulness, balance renewables, create greater system awareness, and connect the Internet of Things.

Redefining Demand Response and Energy Efficiency

Optimized grid performance. Increased reliability. Improved customer engagement. With the recent acquisition of Comverge, Itron now delivers leading Distributed Energy Management and energy efficiency solutions to electric utilities. From dynamic pricing and load control to integrating distributed energy resources, Itron has the technology you need to operate more efficiently and effective than ever.

Moving from Smart to Active

Efficient, modernized infrastructure. Reliable, safer systems. Smarter, connected cities and consumers. Less waste. Collecting more data from a smart grid won’t address challenges like these. We need to create a distribution network that adapts and reacts to changing conditions in real time—one with the intelligence to do what it can, when it needs to, and to know when it needs help from the back office. We need to move from smart to active.
All of these opportunities—making our energy and water infrastructure more efficient, more reliable and less wasteful, and making our cities more vibrant, economically viable and sustainable—are within reach once the right technology is applied, in the right places, to approach problems in new ways in the Internet of Things (IoT) age.

At Itron, we call this the Active Grid. It’s much more than smart metering and it’s even more than the smart grid. It encompasses electricity, gas, water and smart cities—and opens up an entirely new frontier for better management of energy and water resources. The Active Grid is a new level of situational awareness that leverages machine to machine communications and learning within the system—whether that’s the electrical grid or gas and water distribution networks. The Active Grid results in better business outcomes for energy and water providers.

There are four key aspects that define the Active Grid:
  • Distributed intelligence, which optimizes data analysis, decisions and control—from devices in the field all the way to back office, enabling real-time problem solving.
  • Assured connectivity and network reliability through multiple, adaptive communication technologies like radio frequency (RF), power line carrier (PLC), WiFi and cellular.
  • An open application ecosystem that enables the development of innovative, new distribution system applications—from a variety of sources and secured to the highest standards.
  • A unified, interoperable and multi-purpose network to empower new smart utility and smart city uses and applications.

These technologies come together in Itron’s OpenWay Riva™, an IoT solution for smart utilities and cities. OpenWay Riva enables true interoperability and distributed intelligence, delivering business outcomes for utilities and smart cities like never before—and helping to create a more resourceful world.

Learn more about OpenWay Riva for electricity, gas and water.
Welcome to the Active Grid

Welcome to the Active Grid

Navigant Research: Itron, with OpenWay Riva, is the industry leader in Field Area Networking

“Itron has differentiated itself from many competitors through its innovative OpenWay Riva solution, strong partner relationships and a sustainable business model,” said Richelle Elberg, principal research analyst at Navigant Research and co-author of the report.