Ensuring Energy Savings

By helping consumers participate in mass-market demand management programs and offering new consumer device choices, you have an opportunity to ensure energy is used efficiently and effectively—and ensure savings for both utility and consumer.
With the integration of nearly three million installed devices inside the home, Itron enhances the capabilities of near real-time demand response and more engaging energy efficiency programs—helping utilities meet energy efficiency regulations and better optimize the use of distributed energy resources.

Smart Thermostats

Our smart thermostats combine streamlined designs with a modular Wi-Fi radio and IP-based communications to provide near real-time feedback and give utilities a clearer view of currently available load. With multiple configurations and support of varying levels of control for HVAC systems, these devices pave the way for the elimination of free riders, provide greater load reduction, and offer more equitable control across customers. Finally, with an eye toward future-proofing, it maximizes investment and extends the device’s lifespan—a user-replaceable module means it's easy to change radio communications, accommodate new features and upgrade to new technologies.
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Load Control Switches

Itron offers a comprehensive suite of energy management and load control solutions. By combining flexible communications with devices that target a broad spectrum of electric loads, Itron's solutions maximize control of energy and capacity.

Our load control switches include a paging, Wi-Fi or cellular radio. For flexibility, they are designed for one- or two-way communications with your dynamic pricing and/or advanced load control program. Two programmable relays can be configured to enact pre‐programmed control strategies for up to four time periods per day.

By using existing cellular networks or the consumer's broadband network, it removes the need for an expensive and complex gateway. As a result, the implementation of a demand response programs—with two-way communications—is significantly more cost-effective. IP-based communication enables remote programming, status reporting, near real-time presence, and telemetry collection.
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Welcome to the Active Grid

There’s a lot happening in your network. With the power of distributed intelligence—embedded in your Itron smart meters, sensors and other devices—your network becomes more active and engaged, more efficient and reliable. Changes happen when and where they need to, in the field as those devices detect, analyze and adapt to real-time events to keep your distribution network running at its peak performance.

The Active Grid is much more than smart metering and it’s even more than the smart grid. It encompasses electricity, gas, water and smart cities—and opens up an entirely new frontier for better management of energy and water resources. The Active Grid is a new level of situational awareness within the system—whether that’s the electrical grid or gas and water distribution networks—that results in better outcomes for energy and water providers.

Measuring up

More accurate. More reliable. No moving parts. Ultrasonic metering technology from Itron measures all the water flowing from your distribution system to your consumers—ensuring you make the most of every drop.

Connected Today, Connected Tomorrow

With Itron Riva embedded in applications and devices—from meters and sensors to streetlights and more—smart city and industrial Internet of Things technology is available today. And it’ll grow with you tomorrow.