Enhancing AMI Operational Efficiency Using Performance Manager & Action Manager

Utility business processes are now dependent on timely meter data, and AMI systems must achieve and maintain high data collection success rates. However, maintaining such rates across millions of endpoints deployed in a dynamic and harsh field environment poses new and difficult challenges to AMI operations teams. OpenWay Operations Center Performance Manager and Action Manager provide the tools and framework to ensure smooth OpenWay system operations and deliver the functional capabilities needed to more efficiently manage and operate your AMI system at scale.

Performance Manager will help you realize operational savings, reduce unnecessary truck rolls, quickly identify AMI faults, intelligently prioritize issues, analyze trends in network & operational data, manage business SLAs and understand the state of your system. Action Manager will help you understand and distribute the workload, automate workflows, apply corrective actions, facilitate network mitigation and track operator productivity.

This webcast, presented by Tim Bognar and Doug Sorensen, Senior Product Managers at Itron, provides an overview and live demonstration of both Performance Manager and Action Manager in terms of value proposition, features, delivery models and how they work together to deliver the most value to you.

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