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Gain unprecedented insight into your low-voltage circuits and medium-voltage distribution while increasing customer engagement, safety and efficiency.

What is Distributed Intelligence?

Distributed energy resources (DERs) are increasingly being placed at the grid’s edge—and it’s now more important than ever to understand their impact on the grid. Today, we have some visibility into medium-voltage distribution and limited insight at the low voltage, secondary level. But with distributed intelligence (DI) from Itron, you can now achieve a new level of distribution system visibility by combining granular data from the grid’s edge with a secure, open-enterprise application platform. With edge computing capability, distributed intelligence makes distribution-level decisions real time, efficiently and effectively, where those decisions—and actions—need to take place. This unique capability provides unprecedented insights into power quality, voltage monitoring, high impedance detection, transformer load management, meter bypass detection, EV and solar (PV) awareness, and much more. And unlike expensive control systems and monitoring equipment, Itron’s DI platform simply uses smart endpoints (meters, devices and other sensors) with peer-to-peer connectivity, leveraging a secure and resilient industrial IoT (IIoT) network, with applications that can be downloaded to devices in the field to solve existing and new challenges.

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Intelligent Devices


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Distributed Intelligence

Itron DI applications include apps for grid optimization, asset management, distributed energy resource (DER) integration and consumer engagement. Additionally, DI leverages an open platform that supports third-party innovation with an API development kit, enabling an ever-increasing ecosystem of partners to create their own value-driven, custom applications.

Distributed intelligence effectively moves grid analysis, decision-making and control to the grid’s edge, resulting in a significant reduction in latency of action, greatly improved situational awareness, more accurate analysis and advanced event detection.

Distributed Intelligence Drivers & Considerations

Get Ready, Get Set: Visibility at the Grid Edge

Explore why distributed intelligence is important when integrating DERs, engaging consumers and managing electric vehicle loads.

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Itron’s distributed intelligence platform leverages applications to address common utility challenges or use cases. Each application has its own value proposition and is purpose-built to solve a specific market problem—such as improving customer safety, reducing operating expenses, increasing capital asset lifetime and enhancing operational efficiency. And when combined, they can greatly increase the overall value stack of your DI investment.

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