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Distributed Energy Resource Optimizer (DER Optimizer)


Distributed Energy Resource Optimizer (DER Optimizer)

DER Optimizer expands the scope of Itron’s industry-leading Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) - IntelliSOURCE® - to include residential electric vehicles (EVs), solar smart inverters, battery storage systems and other flexible loads.

DER Optimizer is modular DERMS platform enabling flexibility on your DER journey. Whether you want to tackle in-front-of-the-meter DERs or behind-the-meter DERs like EVs, solar inverters and battery storage systems —or a combination of all of these—this solution is modular so you can add functionality as your use cases increase.

  • Plan: Grid awareness & continuous load forecasting. Grid asset and condition based DER Management. Provides visibility to when overloads may occur and gives grid operators time to prevent disruptions and protect grid assets.
  • See: DER visibility. Beginning with DER awareness models that associate DERs to specific transformers, feeders and circuits to understand where changes have occurred, DER Optimizer Maps load control points for both fixed & mobile DERs and isolates trouble spots for targeted intervention.
  • Control: Dispatch and network optimal control. Better manage and control DER loads and generation for improved system stability and reliability.

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