Industry insight, illuminating innovation.

To create a more resourceful world, we need big ideas at a scale beyond anything we’ve done in the past. Enter Itron Idea Labs, where we explore new possibilities for effective energy, water and smart city management.

Core Guiding Tenets

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Be Fast

With technology disrupting at every turn, innovation can’t wait. We conceptualize, build and test rapidly.

Agile paths

Be Agile

As the industry evolves—rapidly—the market can quickly change. Our approach is agile and adept.

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Be Fearless

To succeed in a fast-paced, evolving market, failure can’t be feared. We learn moving forward.

Idea Labs Process

Our Focus

Itron Idea Labs Projects
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Accelerating Innovation

Working closely with customers around the world, Itron Idea Labs is made up of experienced entrepreneurs and engineers. Our team extends Itron's expansive knowledge—in utility operations, technologies and services—to uncover innovative solutions to the challenges faced by utilities and smart cities.

Innovation for Survival

Innovation for Survival

Idea Labs director, Roberto Aiello, provides a practical guide to Innovation which exposes the need for business innovation within corporations and chronicles the birth of Itron Idea Labs to address the challenge. This book discusses the early learnings Idea Labs has leveraged to embrace industry-leading, disruptive innovation.

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Who’s Interested in Itron Idea Labs?

Itron Idea Labs is focused on engaging with customers to solve problems, working closely with partners, and building new business opportunities.