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Itron Expands Communication Technology Choices for Smart Meters in Brazil

ITRON RIVA™ technology will be integrated with ELO Sistemas Eletrônicos (ELO) meters for improved meter communications and smart grid applications

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.—July 2, 2015—Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water, announced today that it signed an agreement with ELO to provide its Itron Riva adaptive communication technology (ACT), bringing more communication technology choices to utilities in Brazil.

Itron Riva provides intelligence at the edge of the grid and ground-breaking adaptive communication technology that incorporates two communication technologies — radio frequency (RF) and power line communications (PLC) — working harmoniously in the same device and in real time. The technology dynamically selects the best communication path based on the grid's operating conditions, data attributes and application requirements.

In addition, Itron Riva technology offers a unified software platform within the device for new smart grid applications that benefit from high-performance communications and distributed computing capability on the low voltage grid. This enables new and more effective approaches to energy theft detection, detection of high-impedance connections and other dangerous grid conditions, outage analysis, transformer load management and demand response.

"Itron is pleased to provide more options to utilities by integrating our Itron Riva ACT with ELO meters. In doing so, we are providing utilities with a solution that ensures that collected data will be delivered more efficiently and reliably," explains Emerson Souza, head of Itron's electricity division, Latin America. "This agreement is a real breakthrough for the metering industry. Both companies bring their specialties into a single, compact and efficient product, accelerating results in relation to the smart grid applications."

"Choosing Itron and integrating its adaptive communication technology with our family of meters is due to Itron's proven success and expertise in the global power industry," said Luis Paulo Elustondo, CEO of ELO Sistemas Eletrônicos S.A. "We look forward to delivering a very distinctive metering and communications solution to Brazil."

About ELO Sistemas Eletrônicos:
Founded in 1980, ELO Sistemas Eletrônicos is the leading supplier of meters for the South American market. Renowned as one of the leading suppliers of electronic equipment and systems with high added value for the Brazilian energy market, ELO provides integrated products and systems to the power distributors so they will automate processes such as acquisition and processing of metering data.

In 1993, ELO introduced the concept of electronic metering for C&I applications to the power metering in Brazil, and is recognized as a leader and innovator in the Brazilian energy market.

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